Services and Rates


Services and Rates

Liz’s Signature Massage - Therapeutic (light-medium pressure)

A unique treatment combining popular techniques starting with Acupressure face and scalp massage, guaranteed to induce an immediate state of relaxation.  Orthopedic Massage and Trigger Point Therapy, to ensure the release of tight neck and shoulder muscles, followed with techniques pulled from Swedish, Lomi Lomi, and Hydrotherapy & Structural Bodywork throughout the remainder of the session. Liz has created a custom treatment that is luxurious and effective in relieving pain and reducing stress. Complimentary Aromatherapy allows you to enjoy your choice of Aromatherapy Oils, which enhance the healing properties of your session. Feel stress and tension melting away with inclusive Hydrotherapy and experience Hot Towel Service and Hot Stone Chaser on neck and back, while you drift away to a meditative state of pure relaxation.

30 min. -$40.00

45 min. - $50.00

60 min. -$60.00

75 min. -$75.00

90 min. -$90.00

120 min. -$120.00


Liz’s Signature Massage – Deep Tissue 

A replica of ‘Liz’s Signature Massage Therapeutic’ with the exception of deeper pressure, especially on problem areas. This treatment will aid in the release of those stubborn “knots” and allow your body to regain flexibility.  This is the most frequently requested service that Liz offers, and clients always leave feeling loose and relaxed, with increased range of motion and decreased pain levels.

30 min. - $45.00

45 min. - $55.00

60 min. - $70.00

75 min. - $85.00

90 min. - $100.00

120 min. -$130.00



Enhancement Services


These spa treatments are the perfect way to add a little something extra to your massage! 

All Enhancement Services can add anywhere between 10-30 minutes on to your total service time.



Acupressure Face & Scalp Massage – Drift away and let your mind relax, while the tension you've been holding in your Scalp, Face & Neck melts away. Gentle pressure is applied to special Acupoints, restoring the flow of energy throughout the body, and making migraines disappear. Toxins trapped in the muscles and the fatty tissue beneath the surface of the skin are then released and washed out of the body.  This helps in strengthening the body's natural immune system. 








Restorative Scalp Treatment with Relaxing Scalp Massage – Bask in the heavenly mixture of natural fragrant oils while you enjoy a tension releasing scalp massage, it’s an experience that is deeply relaxing, meditative and luxurious. While you drift away into a total state of relaxation you’re also receiving a highly restorative and moisturizing treatment meant to maintain and replenish the health and integrity of your hair, scalp and body.










Sinus Soother Aromatherapy Treatment- Sinus pain and pressure starting to takes its toll? Lie down, and relax, we’ll take it from here! Liz will help you to relieve sinus pain/pressure, and finally get rid of that horrible sinus headache and neck pain due to seasonal allergies and sinus congestion. Feel the pressure dissipate as your sinuses are massaged with hot towels and Sinusitis Essential Oil Blend .Steam relieves the sinuses and respiratory muscles, anti-inflammatory essential oils help w decongesting and, pressure point massage for sinus relief.






Lip Exfoliation & Hydration Treatment - Show tired lips some TLC with an exhilaratingly gentle exfoliating scrub on your lips with our all-natural mint sugar lip scrub.. The Sugar exfoliates and rich butters moisturize with natural vitamin E. Nourishing and full of butters, infusing sugars dissolve to reveal polished lips. Follow with a Peppermint Hydration Mask, leaving your lips soft, smooth and healthy.










Restorative Hand Treatment w Deep Hydration Mask & Massage – Give dry, cracked hands the day off! A gentle micro buff exfoliation scrub will remove dead surface cells, followed by a hydrating mask that will leave your hands feeling soft, smooth, and looking healthier. Finish with a tension melting hand & arm massage.





Full body Dry- brushing - Gentle boar-hair brush used to exfoliate the body, head to toe. Designed to remove dry, dead skin and improve circulation throughout lymph system. This is a perfect service to add on and “prep” your skin to absorb the rich creme used during your massage session.






Half Body Dry-brushing- Can’t seem to get any relief from dry, chapped skin on your back & sides? A common problem for everyone once the Winter Season begins, and we have your solution. Dry-brushing the back and sides of your body, the dead, dry skin is removed before your Massage session begins, leaving your body ready to absorb the rich nourishing crème.




*We recommend showering before your appointment when scheduling Dry-Brushing. Waiting to shower until the day following your appointment gives your skin optimum time to absorb crème.*





Rock and Sole Foot Massage - Hardworking feet deserve a treat! Salts from the Dead Sea combined with Marine Extracts soothe and soften followed by a moisturizing wrap of European Rose Mud. A hot stone massage revitalizes and renews.






Express Foot Treatment -Restore tired feet with an exfoliation treatment to remove dry, rough skin, followed by a foot massage with a deep hydrating creme.










We will soon be offering a variety of Spa Services including body scrubs, body wraps, detox wraps, clay masks and more!!






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